Hundreds of nurses have successfully secured jobs after attending this course

Are you looking for a Practice Nurse job? - Are all the job descriptions asking for a practice nurse with experience? How are you meant to get experience if no one will take you on without it! I was there 14 years ago so I know your pain. The first piece of advice is don't give up - you have found the right website.

Doctors surgeries prefer a nurse with experience because its easier and more profitable for them. Unlike hospitals, doctor surgeries are small businesses. The GPs get paid according to the treatments they deliver. They therefore want a nurse who is going to come straight in and start earning. They also don't want to have to spend too much money or time on courses and training. However is not just about experience. They want someone who is going to be reliable (not loose them money by going sick all the time) someone who is going to be positive, happy and work well as a team. Finally they want someone who is capable of working on their own and is prepared to be proactive and take the initiative. This is why they love to see a nurse who has invested their own time and money.



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Practice Nurse Jobs

It was my personal journey from the ward to the GPs surgery that led to me setting up Practice Nurse Training. I loved working in the acute setting but I hit a wall especially around the shift work when I started a new family. I was desperate for a fresh challenge but couldn't believe how hard it was. When I did finally make it I was then amazed to see things from the other side. GP surgeries really struggle to recruit good practice nurses. I knew I had to do something about this. I also knew that a normal academic type course spread over months wasn't what was needed . A nurse making the move needed something quick and affordable. They needed intensive inputs on some new areas of nursing from experts. They needed to hear the reality on the ground from a current experienced nurse. They needed to view real life videos of consultations. They needed to physically get their hands on equipment refreshing or learning new skill such as venepuncture, speculum insertion, wound management, injection technique.  The result is Practice Nurse Training. Hundreds of nurses have now been through the courses and the first thing they say is "I feel so much more confident." This makes all the difference at a job interview.

Read the testimonials or if you'd prefer I can link you in with somebody who has successfully made the move. Obviously if you are up against a highly experienced high flying practice nurse you might struggle. However if your applying against other nurses with limited experience you will stand head and shoulders above them. Your in a position to hit the ground running. A disproportionate number of the existing practice nurse community are coming towards retirement so the time has never been better to make the move!



Do I have to be an adult registered nurse or can i be a paediatric, mental health, learning disability nurse or midwife?

As long as you are a registered nurse with the NMC and up to date with your RCN re validation you can be a practice nurse

How many CPD hours does the course provide?

21 hours

What tools will I receive from the course to help with the transition?

You will leave with a practice nurse manual specifically written for new practice nurses, a competency checklist and will receive a certificate of attendance

Can I start applying for jobs straight after completion of the course?

Yes you will be ready to start sending in job applications - highlighting that you have been on the relevant training

Will I receive support when I am in the new role?

Yes, you will have a mentorship programme within your new work place setting.  You will be able to observe the practice nurses in their clinics and then work independently when you feel confident to do so. We will send you a useful link with a competency framework for new practice nurses.

Will I be able to do Cervical Cytology on this course?

No, cervical screening training needs to be done within your local authority as the local lab issues you with a pin code.  Your GP surgery will send you on a local cervical screening course once you start as a practice nurse.

Will the role of the practice nurse be looked at on the course?

Yes, we look in depth at the role of the practice nurse. We also discuss the transferable skills that you already have.

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