Skills Lab

Treatment Room Nurse / Practice Nurse Clinical Skills

1 day - Intensive Introduction

This training day is provided in a large meeting room with the EMIS computer system - this enables delegates to familiarise themselves with consultation documentation, templates, QOF reporting, prescriptions, blood forms.

Topics covered:

ECG's - practical guide

Dressings - wound care

Venepuncture - vacutain system (Synthetic skin/veins)


Contraception consultation

Blood Pressure Reviews

Suture Removal / Staple Removal

Swabs - wounds, MRSA, Vaginal swabs

Minor Injuries

Heights and Weights

Assist with Coil Fittings (demonstration)

Vaccination/Injections - Influenza, Shingles, Pneumonia, Vitamin B12 injections

Measure and order compression hosiery

Overview of Pill Checks / HRT Checks

Depo Provera (Contraceptive injection)

Prostap injection

Whooping cough vaccination (for pregnant women)

EMIS computer system and documentation

Role play / consultation scenarios / interview techniques

The training day looks at current formulary for dressings and wound care management.  

Venepuncture - vacutainer system will be looked at - practical demonstrations on synthetic skin/veins.

ECG's - practical demonstrations.

Delegates will participate in taking blood pressures, removing clips and sutures.

This interactive course will enable the delegates to practice one-to-one consultations - exploring lots of different scenarios.

The course is designed to help build confidence to enable trained nurses to a make smooth and enjoyable transition into practice nursing/treatment room nursing.

To complete the training day we will explore interview techniques - possible interview questions - confidence building.

Practice Nurse Manual issued to all delegates.

Lunch and refreshments provided.

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