This course is a must for any aspiring practice nurse. With a background in A&E and looking for a change in specialty, this course provided me with the latest skills and knowledge relating to primary care. Thank you Lisa and Jane for organising and delivering an outstanding training experience that truly raises the standard of nursing excellence.

I enjoyed every minute. Very welcoming and approachable. I had a hell-ish time traveling due to train disruptions but Lisa and Jane did everything they could to make sure I could catch up on the parts of the course I missed.  I can't thank them enough. I have just accepted my first position as a practice nurse in London!!! YAY!

Oluwatosin - Nurse

I am a qualified nurse with years of experience working in hospitals, I am interested in primary care, but I had no experience in primary care.

I did the practice nurse training course; the training was very intensive and gave me basic knowledge and ideas of what to do and expect in primary care as a nurse which has helped me with my interview and securing a job in primary care as a Practice Nurse.

I appreciate your effort and support during the training, and I want to say a very big thank you to Lisa and Jane for organising this training.

I will definitely recommend the training to anyone that wants to move into primary care.


I attended your training in September at Malvern. I would just like to share the good news with you that I have just been hired as a Practice Nurse in one of the GP practice in Wales. Thank you for doing the course it really helped. 😊

Joanna - delegate

Dear All,

Thank you so much for the last 3 days - it was so wonderful to be taught by knowledge people at the top of their game, who are great communicators and passionate about their subject.

Not only was the teaching really in-depth and informative but you were all so friendly and approachable, making it easy for us to ask questions and voice concerns.

The practice nurse training course has really helped prepare me and make me feel more equipped and excited about my new job. It’s gone a huge way to ease what would have been a daunting transition.
Thank you all so much

Akane - delegate

Hello Jane and Lisa, I hope you are well. My name is Akane, and I attended the practice nursing training course this March. I finally got a job offer from my local GP practice. I just wanted to thank you for your support. Your training was very informative and definitely helped me to get a job as a Practice Nurse. Thank you very much! Many thanks, Akane

Vanessa - delegate

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for putting on the practice nurse course for us all in January 2022. I had a great time, and it was very educational too. I wanted to share my testimonial that just a month after the course I've done some serious job hunting and had the most wonderful job offer at a training practice as a practice nurse Thank you for helping me achieve this. I really think the course helped me with gained insight into the role which really helped me in my interview. Thank you again, Vanessa from Preston, Lancashire xx


I just wanted to update you with my current situation following the completion of the course in May 2021 at Malvern.

I have successfully secured myself Practice Nurse job at a nearby surgery due to start in November and I am delighted.

The interview was quite intense and there was a panel of 4 interviewers one being the GP partner, Practice Manager, ANP and Practice nurse which could have been quite daunting, however in preparation for the interview I went through everything that was covered during the course and feel this really prepared me for the interview and I went in feeling confident and it obviously paid off.

Practice Nursing is so difficult to get into, many jobs require previous experience in the role which as a lifelong hospital nurse it impossible!! but the course was brilliant, and it did impress the panel as they were unaware that such courses do exist so I will be sure to pass on your contact details for them to use in the future.

Many Thanks for all your hard work in facilitating the course, it means so much to people like myself and it definitely made the difference in me being offered the job without prior experience, I have already recommended you to my friends who also have an interest in GP Nursing.


I had my training in May, though intense it was very informative and helpful. I applied for a job that was advertised, I was shortlisted for interview and I was offered the job which I am starting on Monday 27th September. Thank you for the encouragement and interview techniques taught during the training. I am part of the success stories of transition from hospital nurse to practice nurse after almost 16yrs and despite suffering from long Covid after having Covid-19 twice.Thank you


I attended the Practice Nurse Training at Malvern 1st to 3rd November. I am delighted to tell you that I have been offered the first Practice Nurse post I applied for (found in website), and will be starting on 1st February 2021.  During the interview it was clear they were impressed by the content of the course and said it showed how interested I was in the Practice Nurse role. So thank you very much!!


I attended the Practice Nurse training course in Malvern in June 2021, funded by a Scholarship award from The League of St Bartholomew's Nurses.
Jane, Lisa and all of the course trainers combined a high degree of experience, insight into primary care nursing and a wealth of knowledge. They were professional, friendly and approachable and took extra time with anyone in the group who needed to practice the skills needed in a PN role, even offering themselves as body models for ECG training.
The course balanced theory and practical skills and covered PN interview techniques and confidence building skills. They kept reminding us that we all had experience and skills to draw on and that we have covered many of the 'fundamentals' in our nursing training. I had applied for a PN post at a local GP surgery and I felt that I had more confidence going into the interview, following the course. Jane and Lisa went the 'extra mile', emailing me likely interview questions and help with interview preparation, which was fantastic. I was offered a part time post by the GP practice following the interview and I am really looking forward to joining the primary care team in the next few weeks.
I am really grateful to Jane, Lisa and the team for their additional advice, encouragement and support before, during and after the training. If you are thinking of moving into a PN role, apply for this course - you won't regret it.

KOMAL – delegate

Hello Ladies, Thank you for the slides! I just wanted to say a few things about the course and how amazing it was!

The depth of the context was far more than I was expecting and extremely helpful. I now have a clear understand of the requirements for the role and what I can do in regards to further reading and courses to aid me in being prepared for it!

Both speakers were brilliant and kept us engaged the whole way through, at not one time did I feel I was zoning out or that I was bored! Day one Sarah gave me such confidence to open the doors to the secret world of practice nursing and I so grateful for this.

Day two Sarah has open the doors to travel immunisations which was never even a possible job prospect for me!

They each made their teaching days exciting, interesting and relaxed.

I cannot put across my gratitude enough for what you ladies have put together here, the fog in the air in regards to practice nursing has finally cleared up and I am intact applying for a job tomorrow after visiting a GP practice today!!

So I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all!

Pam – delegate

I can’t recommend the course highly enough. I came from a situation of never having only worked in secondary care. Thanks to you, now I have the confidence, the knowledge and some of the skills to put myself forward for a job in primary care. The speakers were very engaging and easy to listen to, the sessions were about how to do the nursing in practice and I really enjoyed the 3 days. They went so fast! Doing the course was in investment definitely worth doing.

Annabelle – specialist practice nurse – Cheltenham

I found the course really useful. Although I had worked previously for many years as a practice nurse, there had been a gap for me as I had spent the last 10 years in secondary care and education. Finding myself back in general practice was a joy, but I definitely needed to refresh my existing skills. In a way the course was like a ‘return to practice’ event and I was so glad to attend. Things evolve and change in nursing all the time and it’s crucial that we all keep our competencies up to date and evidence based – the course meant that I could be confident that my practice was just that. I loved the friendly and informal teaching style and found the environment a positive arena for learning, with great opportunity for lively discussion and debate. I certainly hope my colleagues on the course went on to secure the roles they were hoping for. I would not hesitate to recommend the course to colleagues, new practice nurses and those considering a career move from secondary care.

Di – Practice Nurse – Stafford

This course was as refreshing as it was brilliant. The content was exactly what I needed as a new practice nurse, and the tutors were both knowledgeable and approachable. There is no other course like this one available; I highly recommend it. Since completing the course, I have become a valuable team member at a very busy practice, and my nursing career is going from strength to strength.

Hannah  – Barn Close Surgery

I loved the course you guys ran last year. I was new to the world of practice nursing having changed from working in a hospital environment. The course covered all the general duties I would be carrying out as well as ear syringing and childhood immunisations, although the lecturer for ear syringing was a little too focused on damage to the tympanic membrane instead of technique. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly with amazing supplies of stationary and refreshments, allowing us to make tea and coffee throughout the day was great as I am a tea addict. Lunch was an added bonus and beautiful sandwiches supplied. You were both respectful of the fact that we were nurses from all backgrounds and on occasion utilised that information. The course content was informative and I still refer back to my notes on occasion. It was a great course in helping me to understand my new role and responsibilities and would recommend anybody new to practice nursing or thinking of becoming one to take your course and I would undertake any additional training with you guys again.

Claire – Warwickshire

Warm, friendly, approachable course leaders …… Beautiful food. Brilliant three days. Well done and thank you!

Louise – Derbyshire

Lovely setting, very well organised, brilliantly looked after. Good content of material. Really enjoyed it.

Heidi – Wolverhampton

Thank you for a great 3 days – very enjoyable, great company, excellent opportunities for learning and networking. Thanks for the delicious food

Adam – Birmingham

Great introduction to practice nursing and useful help, advice in obtaining skills.