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Introduction to Travel Health Session Outline

This intensive travel health course for new practice nurses is delivered over a full day by an experienced advanced nurse practitioner and expert speaker. The course provides current, valuable information about travel health and gives an excellent insight into the role of the practice nurse and the skills required to safely deliver a travel health programme.  

Travel health is a vital role for the practice nurse and this course is ideal for the nurse new to practice nursing or a nurse hoping to make the transition into primary care. 

All delegates are issued a practice nurse manual, and certificates of attendance from the  Practice Nurse Training. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

This course can be taken as a standalone day. Introduction to Practice Nursing Course. For more details please click here

For details of the Travel Health day course see below


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Introduction to Travel Health Session Outline

To prepare nurses new to travel health/practice nursing through the provision of theoretical knowledge and understanding of travel health practice

Enable learners to practice using some of the skills needed to undertake travel health consultations

Support learners in identifying personal goals in developing travel health practice knowledge and skills in the workplace Introduction & expectations of the day

Overall learning outcomes

1. Describe the principles underpinning travel health practice

2. Locate key resources for travel health practice, specifically RCN competence framework 

Pre-travel risk assessments learning outcomes

1. Summarise key information to be obtained during a risk assessment 

2. List the factors that may alter health risks for international travellers Teaching/learning activity

• interactive presentation • card activity to focus on individualising risk 

Vaccine preventable diseases transmission learning outcomes

1. Discuss the route of transmission of each VPD 

2. Consider which travellers are at particular risk of the VPDs Teaching/learning activity

Vaccine preventable disease overview and available vaccines learning outcomes

 1. Recalls how vaccination is used to protect travellers for each VPD Teaching / learning activity

Non-vaccine preventable disease learning outcomes:

 1. Identify common non VPD risks for travellers 

2. Select non VPD advice as part of risk assessment for individual travellers

Malaria Learning Outcomes:

1. Discuss the risks of malaria and the protective approaches a traveller can take

2. Select suitable chemoprophylaxis based on the travellers destination and medical history TLA:

Consultations Learning Outcome:

 1. Identifies skills that will support a successful consultation

2. Lists how a pre-travel consultation maybe structured.

Putting it all into practice - scenario training - Aim to :

1. Take accurate history, undertake risk assessment based on all the information they gathered and advise the traveller: VPD plus schedule any vaccines, malaria prevention and advice.